Wednesday, June 3


2 Biggest Dreams and One Very Fast Boat

The race of ocean, the properly crewed round the race of the world with the stopovers, will now race for the very first time on the IMOCAs (60-foot) with the foils for the season of 2021-22. With just more than 2 ½ years to go to the beginning, the organizer for race and sailors are now navigating how this alteration can now benefit the landscape of IMOCA that also prepares every 4 years for the Globe of Vendee, which is the solo round for the race of the world. And when the race of ocean will start in the month of October in 2021 in Spain in Alicante, and it will also comprise the VO65 boats of one-design for a trophy which will be rewarding the young competitors who will be the best, hopes for around 10-15 IMOCAs at the beginning of this edition which is maiden. (more…)