Wednesday, June 3

Tag: Bethan Carden

Team Mac Wins 2017 Busan Cup

The 2017 Women’s International Match Race for the Busan Cup was won by Lucy Macgregor and her team. The Team Mac comprising of Charlotte Lawrence, Imogen Stanley, Bethan Carden, Rosie Watkins and Lucy Macgregor won the final 3-0. This is the third time that Lucy has won the Busan Cup as a skipper. She was over the moon with this victory and the joy of lifting the Busan Cup once again was clearly seen in her eyes. Lucy Macgregor is the reigning Women’s Match Racing World Champion and she showed why she is a terror in this race. She proved her prowess and her great skills during the final round battle with Trine Palludan, who entered the finals without losing any of her rounds. The Final was the first race that Trine lost and this was a big setback for her. (more…)